Explore the Present and the Past with Unique Germantown Landmarks

Hiker exploring wooded area | Unique Germantown landmarks

Visit unique Germantown landmarks to learn more about the culture behind this bustling Baltimore suburb. Home to historical events and modern technology, you’ll always find something interesting to explore. Check out these landmarks near our Germantown, MD, apartments: Ruins of Clopper Mill Historic Clopper Mill stands next to Seneca Creek. Its fame, however, is tied to the […]

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Enroll in Fused Glass Classes around Germantown

Glass artist in studio | Fused glass classes around Germantown

For some crafting fun, sign up for fused glass classes around Germantown. You’ll find ways to create unique pieces while learning about the world of kiln-formed glass. The schools featuring lessons near our Germantown apartments include: The Amazing Art Studio At The Amazing Art Studio, you’ll find the largest do-it-yourself art studio in the DC metropolitan area. A […]

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