Order Bento Boxes from Germantown Japanese Restaurants

Bento box with chopsticks on table | Bento boxes near Germantown

When you can’t decide what to have for lunch, try bento boxes from Germantown restaurants. They feature several traditional Japanese dishes and are as filling as they are delicious. The best bento boxes near our Germantown, MD apartments include:

Sushi Damo 

At Sushi Damo, you’ll enjoy the delicious creations of Chef Okamura. He is a favorite among politicians and celebrities, while Food & Wine calls him a “sushi classicist.” Chef Okamura blends Japanese traditions with European culinary techniques. His dishes burst with bold flavors, so they keep everyone coming back for more. Bento box choices include tempura, grilled salmon, and tofu & vegetable teriyaki. They come with miso soup, shrimp shumai, a house salad, and more.

Good Fortune Cafe  

Step into the Good Fortune Cafe, where you’ll be greeted with the warmest welcome. The restaurant offers a homey feel with authentic Asian decor. Every offering features the finest, freshest ingredients. There’s something for every palate, whether you enjoy spicy dishes or those that are a bit milder. Don’t miss the sesame chicken bento box. It includes salad, steamed rice, and California rolls. 

Green Bamboo 

For a casual lunch, try bento boxes at Green Bamboo in nearby Rockville. Many diners call the restaurant a “hidden gem.” The cozy dining room features bamboo and colorful flowers, and the service is always fast and friendly. On the menu, you’ll find Chinese, Japanese, and Thai favorites. Be sure and try the salmon teriyaki bento box. It comes with salad, edamame, and a California roll.

After sampling bento boxes near Germantown, spend a fun-filled afternoon at the Agricultural History Farm Park. During your visit, you can explore an old farmstead and take a scenic hike. When you’re ready to call The Elms at Germantown home, please contact us. We’ll gladly show you the amenities you can enjoy as a resident of our apartments in Germantown, MD. 

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