Swing for the Fences at Batting Cages near Germantown

Baseball gear on field | Batting cages near Germantown

Whether you play baseball every week in the summer or haven’t swung a bat since high school gym class, you’ll love spending a fun-filled hour at batting cages near Germantown. They welcome all abilities, and you can adjust the speed to match your skills. The batting cages near our Germantown apartments include: Columbia SportsPark Offering fun, athletic […]

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Explore Beautiful Outdoor Running Trails around Germantown

Person running at a park | Running trails around Germantown

Running offers an easy way to stay in shape while relieving stress and boosting confidence. Running trails around Germantown offer beautiful, scenic routes that you’ll love exploring. When you’re ready to throw on your trainers, check out these trails near our Germantown apartments: Sugarloaf Mountain Trails A Registered National Landmark, Sugarloaf Mountain is known for its striking beauty and […]

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Get Your Body Moving with Kickboxing Classes near Germantown

Person kickboxing | Kickboxing classes near Germantown

For a different way to keep active, enjoy kickboxing classes near Germantown. You’ll find invigorating classes that will help you burn calories and tone your muscles as you move like never before. The best places for classes around our Germantown, MD apartments are: Club KickBox Nestled here in Germantown, Club KickBox is “where fun meets fitness.” The skilled team […]

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Germantown Indoor Tennis Courts Offer Year-Round Play

Tennis player in indoor court | Indoor tennis courts near Germantown

No matter the season, you can enjoy heart-pumping sports, thanks to indoor gyms and playing fields. Indoor tennis courts near Germantown can help you take on your opponent whether the sun is shining or the snow is softly falling. The best places to play year-round tennis near our Germantown, MD apartments include: Pauline Betz Addie Tennis Center  […]

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Test Your Strength with Indoor Rock Climbing near Germantown

Rock climber on an indoor wall | Indoor rock climbing near Germantown

For a different way to stay fit, try indoor rock climbing. This unique activity will test your strength, endurance, and agility as you try and conquer the wall. The best climbing indoor rock climbing facilities near our¬†apartments in Germantown, MD¬†include: The Boulder Yard  While working as a mechanical engineer, Steve Baranski dreamed of opening a […]

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Enjoy Indoor Soccer Fun around Germantown

A close up of a soccer ball on an indoor field | indoor soccer near Germantown

Soccer in the United States began growing in popularity in the 1990s. Today, over 24.4 million Americans enjoy playing this fast-paced sport. When you’re ready to score some goals, several facilities near our Germantown, MD apartments offer indoor soccer fun. They include: Maryland SoccerPlex  A state-of-the-art facility, the Maryland SoccerPlex offers fun for everyone. It […]

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