Explore History with the National Air and Space Museum

A propellar plane on a runway | National Air and Space Museum

If you’re looking for an engaging, new museum experience near Germantown, explore the history of flight at the National Air and Space Museum. This remarkable museum has turned some of its displays into fascinating online exhibits. Here are some examples of what you can enjoy from our Germantown, MD apartments:

Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight Gallery 

During the 1920s and 1930s, flight technology rapidly advanced. The Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight Gallery offers a look into this era through an eclectic collection of aircraft. A highlight includes the Lockheed 5B Vega. Amelia Earhart purchased the plane in 1930. Two years later, she flew it nonstop across the Atlantic and over the United States. The Smithsonian acquired the aircraft in 1966.  

Exploring the Planets 

The National Air and Space Museum may be near Germantown, but the journey you’ll take is out of this world. Exploring the Planets provides a look at the history and achievements of space exploration. You’ll learn about comets, asteroids, dwarf planets, and more. You’ll also discover orbiters like Mariner 9. It launched on May 30th, 1971, and went into orbit around Mars on November 13th. In one year, it captured more than 7,000 pictures and measured the structure of the Martian atmosphere. 

America by Air 

In the early 20th century, there was no such thing as airlines, airports, and air routes. But by the century’s end, passengers could travel nearly everywhere in the United States by plane. America by Air showcases flight history from the early years through today. You’ll see things like flight maps, various aircraft, and a letter carried on the first scheduled airmail flight. 

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