Start Your Day at These Coffee Shops around Germantown

Barista placing a cup of coffee on the pickup counter at a coffee shop around Germantown

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. From smooth espresso to flavored lattes, everyone has their favorite type of brew. Coffee shops around Germantown serve up some of the best java for your caffeine cravings. Check out these cafes for your next coffee fix, near our apartments in Germantown, MD:

Barking Mad

Since May 2016, Barking Mad has provided Maryland residents with the best coffee prepared by its talented baristas. Besides serving tasty coffee, this establishment offers a chic, fun, and inviting environment where guests can chill as they sip their coffee. If your afternoon coffee break turns into dinner, you can also enjoy their delicious pizzas and specialty cocktails.

Java Works

Java Works is another one of the best coffee shops around Germantown. The café is owned by Kim and Todd Schwartzbeck, who serve the highest quality coffee and foods. Serving classic Italian-style coffee, along with iced coffee and frappuccinos, Java Works cafe has something for everyone. Stick around for their tasty breakfast and lunch menus, offering sandwiches, paninis, wraps, and more. 


Internationally known and recognized, Starbucks is a classic favorite. Their roasts feature smooth flavors and high-quality beans with coffee blends from popular regions like Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of their cafe and grab a fresh pastry to complement your cup of joe. 

After boosting your energy with a drink from Germantown coffee shops, get some exercise along these mountain biking trails. You’ll find leisurely rides as well as challenging routes to help you work up a sweat. When you’re ready to learn more about The Elms at Germantown, contact us today. Our team would be happy to show you around our Germantown, MD apartments. 

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