Shop for Art at Germantown Glassblowing Studios

A glassblown ornament hanging on a stand - Germantown glassblowing studios

Glassblowing is a unique art form that dates back centuries. Today, several local studios keep this time-honored tradition alive. The artists create handmade pieces ranging from glassware to colorful decorative items. The glassblowing studios offering online ordering and delivery to our Germantown, MD apartments include: McFadden Art Glass McFadden Art Glass opened in 2006. Owner Tim McFadden was […]

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Shop for Gifts from Germantown Novelty Stores

A pile of comic books in a store.

With pop culture so well integrated into our day-to-day, novelty items are the perfect gifts that truly reflect our fandoms. Whether you’re looking for comics, vinyl, or anime merchandise, satisfy your nerdy side with these shops near our Germantown, MD apartments. Better yet, they all offer pickup and delivery. Lil’ Thingamajigs Lil’ Thingamajigs deals in all things […]

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Your Guide to the Best Pho in Germantown

A bowl of pho on a table.

Savory and rich, pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup featuring broth, rice noodles, and thinly sliced meat. The recipe varies by region, and the dish went from street food to one of today’s social media sensations. For a delicious bowl of pho, order takeout from one of these eateries near our Germantown, MD apartments: Pho House  Pho House offers […]

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Spend a Day with the Smithsonian Zoo Animals

A panda bear hanging out in a tree.

About half an hour from our Germantown, MD apartments is the beloved Smithsonian’s National Zoo. It is now home to approximately 2,700 animals from around the world. The Smithsonian Zoo cams capture animals as they eat, sleep, and play. Here are a few popular zoo guests you can discover from home: Giant Panda  Native to central China, giant pandas are […]

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Order the Best Waffles from Germantown Restaurants

syrup pouring onto a plate of chicken and waffles

Dating back to the Middle Ages, waffles are among the most popular foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This tasty dish came to America with Dutch immigrants in the 17th century. Flavor combinations are endless, so enjoy sweet waffles with fruit and whipped cream or savory ones piled high with chicken. The eateries offering takeout near our apartments […]

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