Shop Small at the Rockville Farmer’s Market

A woman shopping for fresh produce at the Rockville Farmer's Market.

The Rockville Farmer’s Market offers a fun way to shop for fresh food, pastries, and coffee from local shop owners. Shop your favorite stalls every Saturday through November 20th. Here are some of the vendors you can discover just a quick drive from our Germantown, MD apartments:

Scenic View Orchards 

When Scenic View Orchards began in the mid-1800s, it was mainly a hay and grain operation. It later added berries and vegetables and started selling the produce from a picnic table. Today, the varied selection includes blueberries, sweet cherries, and red potatoes. If you’re short on time, place an order online for pickup at the market. 

Potomac Sweets 

At Potomac Sweets, Chef Patissier Gerard Partoens takes a natural and simple approach to create his recipes. He trained in Belgium and later worked in Antwerp’s best pastry shops. Now he owns Potomac Sweets and enjoys sharing his creations with others. You can shop for his tasty treats at this store or stop by the Rockville Farmer’s Market. Offerings may include linzer cookies, pumpkin cakes, and cinnamon rolls with cream cheese baked in the middle. 

Zeke’s Coffee 

Founded in Baltimore, Zeke’s Coffee specializes in organic and fair-trade Arabica beans. A small-batch roaster, the shop only roasts 25 pounds at a time instead of the usual 150. The owners boast that you can taste the difference, and they offer something for everyone. Choices include Capital City Roast, Peru Norte, and Rock Creek Reserve.

Good Hope Farmstead 

What began in 2011 as a hobby turned into a family business. The Good Hope Farmstead currently offers high-quality cuts of pork, chicken, and 100 percent grass-fed beef. The owners believe in small-scale farming, focusing on humane practices that put animal welfare first. This includes large, open areas for the animal to live, non-GMO grains, and lots of space and sunshine.

After spending the afternoon at the Rockville Farmer’s Market, kick back with a new read from a local bookstore. To call The Elms at Germantown home, please contact us. We’ll show you everything you can enjoy as a resident of our apartments in Germantown, MD.

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