Enjoy Appetizers from Germantown Restaurants

Tray of assorted appetizers | Appetizers near Germantown

When you feel like a light meal instead of a hearty entree, appetizers make for a perfect choice. Check out the best appetizers near Germantown the next time you’re feeling peckish. Chefs at several local restaurants serve light bites packed full of unforgettable flavors. The eateries near our Germantown, MD apartments include: Gentleman Jim’s  Serving Maryland for […]

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Italian Restaurants in Germantown with Comfort Foods

Plate of pasta | Italian restaurants around Germantown

Believe it or not, the average American consumes around twenty pounds of pasta every year. It’s everyone’s favorite comfort food, and these Italian restaurants around Germantown are happy to offer their patrons plenty of options to indulge. When you’re in the mood to enjoy a heaping plate of spaghetti, lasagne, or meatballs, several local restaurants have you […]

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Try Authentic Chinese Dumplings from Germantown Restaurants

Plate of dumplings | Dumplings near Germantown

Dumplings are a delicious, popular food that originated in ancient China. Today, many variations are found around the world, and Germantown restaurants serving dumplings offer some of the best in Maryland. To enjoy this authentic Asian dish, visit one of our top recommendations near our apartments in Germantown, MD. K’s Chinese Cafe Despite its name, Mrs. K’s Chinese […]

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Order the To-Go Seafood around Germantown

someone carrying a plate of seafood.

Whether you would like to enjoy some grilled salmon or perfectly prepared lobster tail, Germantown seafood restaurants prepare popular dishes to-go. The menus also include tasty appetizers and refreshing beverages so that you can enjoy a delicious meal from the comfort of home. When you’re ready to order, the eateries offering takeout near our Germantown, […]

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Grab To-Go Irish Fare from Germantown Pubs

someone using utensils on a plate of Irish food

Evolving from centuries of political and social change, Irish cuisine was founded upon the animals and crops farmed in Ireland’s temperate climate. Whether you would like to enjoy some shepherd’s pie or corned beef and cabbage, Germantown pubs serve these and other Irish favorites. The eateries near our apartments in Germantown, MD include: The Limerick Pub  […]

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