Explore the Present and the Past with Unique Germantown Landmarks

Hiker exploring wooded area | Unique Germantown landmarks

Visit unique Germantown landmarks to learn more about the culture behind this bustling Baltimore suburb. Home to historical events and modern technology, you’ll always find something interesting to explore. Check out these landmarks near our Germantown, MD, apartments: Ruins of Clopper Mill Historic Clopper Mill stands next to Seneca Creek. Its fame, however, is tied to the […]

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Learn Local History at Germantown Museums

Antique cash register | Museums near Germantown

Germantown museums offer tons of unique exhibits. If you’re interested in local history, head to the Gaithersburg Community Museum. It offers ever-changing weekly activities and monthly events, so there is something for everyone. A few of the museum activities you can enjoy near our Germantown, MD apartments include: Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory  A historic site, the Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory‘s […]

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Explore History with the National Air and Space Museum

A propellar plane on a runway | National Air and Space Museum

If you’re looking for an engaging, new museum experience near Germantown, explore the history of flight at the National Air and Space Museum. This remarkable museum has turned some of its displays into fascinating online exhibits. Here are some examples of what you can enjoy from our Germantown, MD apartments: Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight Gallery  During […]

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Explore Historic Landmarks near Germantown

A historic USS boat in a marina - historic landmarks near Germantown

Not far from our Germantown, MD apartments, you’ll find a destination that showcases 19th-century life at sea. We’re talking about Historic Ships in Baltimore, one of the many nearby historic landmarks. It features one of the world’s most impressive collections of military vessels, which you can explore from the comfort of home. The virtual tour highlights […]

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Learn State History from Germantown Attractions

a woman holding a cup of coffee while working on a laptop

There is so much Maryland history in Germantown just waiting to be explored! Boasting 250 years of history, the Maryland State House is where the Maryland General Assembly convenes for three months every year. It’s the “oldest state capitol in continuous use.” Plus, it is the only statehouse that has also served as the country’s […]

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