Check Out Virtual Offerings at the Baltimore Museum of Art

mother and daughter on computer taking virtual tour of the Baltimore Art Museum

A local fixture since 1914, the Baltimore Museum of Art has grown to become a major cultural destination. Internationally renowned, its extensive collection features one of the country’s finest holdings of drawings, prints, and photographs. The museum is just an hour away from our apartments in Germantown, but you can stay home and still enjoy offerings from the museum. You can view the collection, and hear stories from the curators, watch short films, and more. Here is some of what you can enjoy from our Germantown apartments:

Screening Room 

The Screening Room features the works of local video artists. Runtime varies, and you don’t want to miss I Know What I Saw. It takes viewers through American landscapes where they’ll witness small encounters. Filmmaker Gillian Waldo was born and raised in Baltimore. She makes movies on 16 mm and is always creating something new. 

Questioning the Canon

Questioning the Canon showcases works by contemporary African artists. One of the highlights includes Nick Cave’s Soundsuit. Creating a striking presence through the use of “strong color, pattern, and fine craft,” it takes the artist’s body away from the viewer’s gaze. Many soundsuits are used for dancing, and they take their name from the distinct sound they make when worn. 


A monthly online conversation series, BMA x NMWA brings together women artists and their works across two museums. The show’s hosted by educators at the Baltimore Museum of Art and National Museum of Women in Art. It takes an in-depth look at how artists have used glamour in their pieces from the 1500s through the present day and can be streamed on Facebook. 

After virtually exploring the Baltimore Museum of Art, head outdoors for a hike through Seneca Creek State Park. You may spot beavers and other wildlife. If you’re searching for a place to call home, please contact us. We want to show you all that The Elms at Germantown has to offer. 

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